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Distance Learning

What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning is model of instruction where students interact with course materials, classmates and instructors at a distance using electronic educational technology. Distance Learning is characterized by:

  • Physical distance and/or time separation of the student and instructor during the majority of the class
  • The use of electronic educational technology is used to bring the student and instructor together to deliver the course content
  • Two-way communication between student and instructor uses electronic technology

Oglala Lakota College uses electronic educational technology to deliver courses and to enhance communication between students and instructors. OLC uses the following methods:

  • Hybrid courses that have traditional classroom and at distance lessons using Internet/Online delivery methods.
  • Internet/Online courses using Moodle that do not have a traditional classroom setting. These course are delivered in the electronic format using the Internet
  • Electronic Assist courses meet in the traditional classroom environment with many of the course materials available online. Electronic Assist courses are considered to be an enhancement of the traditional face to face class.
  • Picture Tell or PicTel courses meet via interactive television system. PictureTel courses are live point to point classrooms in two or more college centers. PictureTel courses are also considered to be an enhancement of the traditional face to face class.

Oglala Lakota College utilizes Distance Learning or Online Content Management tools to assist many of the courses in our catalog. We strive to provide a comprehensive experience by presenting to our students a range of course delivery systems. These delivery systems range from traditional brick and mortar classes, to a blend of Face2Face and online assisted coursework, to a total online educational experience.

Oglala Lakota College is creating a Distance Learning Virtual Campus to coordinate and deliver online courses.

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