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Distance Learning

Basic Skills for Students

Internet/Online courses offer the student a broad opportunity to advance their educational work. However, Internet/Online courses are not designed to teach the student computer or Internet skills. Students are expected to enroll in the MIS113 Applied Information Processing course or take advantage of the various training sessions offered each semester.

Required Skills

  • Be proficient with basic computer and Internet skills. Before the class begins, you must be able to: navigate the Internet using a browser; navigate among and between multiple open windows; open, close, and save files and attachments; and send and receive email attachments. If a student does demonstrate these skills, the instructor may administratively drop the student from the course.
  • A mature learning style and the ability to be organized and self motivated.
  • Posses effective written communication skills and the ability to understand and follow written instructions, information and communication.
  • Mandatory attendance at face to face class meetings, if they are set up as part of the class. Some Internet classes may require you to attend meetings or labs in one or OLC College Centers. When registering online through Jenzabar, be sure to read the additional information for each Internet class to determine if there are any in-person requirements. If meetings are noted, they are mandatory, not optional.
  • Mandatory class participation as required by the instructor and the course syllabus. Students can expect to have daily to weekly activities and assignments with strictly enforced deadlines. A discussion board is also often used for real-time discussion between the instructor and other students.
  • Ability to contact the instructor independently via telephone or email in a timely manner with questions or problems.
  • Frequent access to the TuxedoMail e-mail account assigned to every student at Oglala Lakota College. Prior to the start of class, an email will be sent to each enrolled student's TuxedoMail account. The instructor will provide important information concerning class startup, including instructions on how to access the course website.
  • Possession of an Oglala Lakota College student identification number for access to online resources and a student ID card for proctored testing purposes, if required.
  • Technology:
    • Computer: regular access to a PC or Mac computer with at least 256MB RAM.
    • Operating System: Windows XP or newer, Mac OS 10 or newer, or Linux.
    • Internet: dependable access with 56K or better modem.
    • Web Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or newer, Firefox 3 or newer, Safari 4 or newer, or other equivalent web browser.
    • Other: specific course requirements may include software such as Open Office; Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint; Acrobat Reader; QuickTime, Real Player, or Microsoft Media Player; or other specialized hardware or software as specified by the instructor.
    • For additional information concerning computer requirements see Distance Learning Computer Requirements

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