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Distance Learning

Delivery Methods and Basic Skills

Oglala Lakota College uses electronic educational technology to deliver courses and to enhance communication between students and instructors. OLC uses the following methods:

  • Hybrid courses have traditional classroom and at distance lessons.
  • Internet/Online courses use Moodle (Virtual Campus Portal) and do not have a traditional classroom setting. These course are delivered in the electronic format using the Internet.
  • Electronic Assist courses meet in the traditional classroom environment with many of the course materials available online

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses present to the student a mixture of traditional face to faces class sessions and online class sessions for discussion and interaction with the course materials.

A Hybrid course will have several class sessions where class members will meet online for discussion and interaction with the course materials. These online session will not meet face to face in a classroom.

Internet/Online Courses

Online courses will be taught online using the Internet to distribute course materials. Students will submit course materials and assignments to their instructor through the Internet. Many of these courses will be presented through a web based course management system where students and instructors interact. Each student will be expected to log on the web based course system called Moodle through a web browser. The majority of classes do not require the student to attend class in person. However, each week individual and group assignments will be required of each student for participation in the course. Each Internet/Online course will have mandatory weekly assignment and participation requirements.

Electronic Assist courses

Electronic Assis courses meet in the traditional calssroom environment with many of the course materials available online.

Getting Started

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