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Distance Learning

During the Distance Learning Course

A Check List for Students

A To Do List - During My Distance Class

You are registered for a Distance Learning Course and will be working on lessons each week. The Distance Learning course will not meet in a face to face classroom but will meet each day during the week in an electronic technology. The course web site is available on eny computer that has Internet capabilities. Each week during the course you will need to:

  • Login and collect your weekly course materials
    • Your weekly lesson materials will be available each week on Sunday
  • Download and/or read each of the lesson materials
  • Read and plan your postings
    • Your instructor will place seed the Discussion Forum with starter thoughts and qustions.
    • Discussions will require up to three postings each week
  • Read and plan your posting to the Individual Assignments
  • Observe each of the due dates for each of your assignments
  • Participate actively in each assignment each week

A Check List for Instructors

  • Have each week's materials available on Sunday
  • Seed each Discussion forum with thought starters and questions
  • Facilitate but not dominate Discussions. Ask follow up questions and redirect questions to elicit responses from other classmates
  • Provided dated announcements each week
  • Respond to each student's requests within 48 hours
  • Send personal e-mail reminders to students who are not actively participating in the class
  • Manage feedback carefully
    • Provide feedback on each assignment. Pay close attention to the first assignment to help the student understand grading expectations
    • Assignments that are linked to future assignments should be returned quickly to all the student for editing and preperation of the next assignment
    • Clearly state and communicate grading criteria or rubric
    • Comments and assignment grades should be posted before the next week's lesson
    • Group projects will be graded on individual contribution as well as group achievement
    • Participation in online courses will be a significant percentage of the final grade
    • Course design allows for grades that are distributed over a variety of assignments

Ref: Expectations for Classroom Setup and Online Teaching, University of Maryland University College

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