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Academic Calendar

Here is the Calendar of events for OLC.

  • January 24th 2017
    • Add/Drop Week
  • January 25th 2017
    • Add/Drop Week
  • January 26th 2017
    • Add/Drop Week
  • January 27th 2017
    • Nursing Application Deadline
    • Add/Drop Week
  • January 30th 2017
    • 100% Drop Week
  • January 31st 2017
    • 100% Drop Week
  • February 1st 2017
    • 100% Drop Week
  • February 2nd 2017
    • 100% Drop Week
  • February 3rd 2017
    • Last Day 100% Drop Week
    • 10:00am: All Staff Meeting

Distance Learning

Online Course and Faculty Development (OCFD)

Online Course Development

Distance Learning will be curriculum and pedagogical driven. Qualified professionals will insure appropriate collegiate learning outcomes with breadth and depth consistent to the degree program.

Distance Learning curricula and pedagogy development will be a collaborative process conducted by two work teams.

  • The Course Development Team (CDT) will coordinate the development of the various technologies of online course delivery. Members of the CDT will include a course designer, content expert, multimedia specialist, instructional designer/ distance learning coordinator, and a Department Chair.
  • The Peer Review Panel (PRP) will assess the developmental progress and quality measures of the online courses as they are constructed. Members of the PRP include a course designer, content expert, instructional designer/distance learning coordinator, and Department Chair.
  • Online course load for instructors will not exceed one online course in a semester. A second online course may be permitted as an overload.

The Course Development Team may also act as the Peer Review Panel (PRP). The teams will work closely with a course development time-line in which benchmarks are set coordinating efforts of online course construction.

Each Distance Learning course will achieve PRP approval before presentation on the Course Schedule. The PRP Rubric will be the model for approval. The PRP Rubric will incorporate the following standards:

  • Adherence to approved online course template and online course syllabus template. Learning activities are organized around demonstrable learning outcomes embedded in course components including: course delivery mode, pedagogy, content, organization, and evaluation.
  • Content developed for distance learning courses will comply with copyright law. Faculty members involved in content development will be aware of their institution's policies with regard to content ownership.
  • The medium/media chosen to deliver courses and/or programs will be pedagogically effectual, accessible to students, receptive to different learning styles, and sensitive to the time and place limitations of the students.
  • The Peer Review Panel Rubric will include but not limited to the following standards:
    • Course review and introduction
    • Learning objectives
    • Assessment and measurement
    • Resources and materials
    • Learner engagement
    • Course technology
    • Learner support
    • Accessibility

OCFD - Online Course and Faculty Development

Course Development
Faculty Development