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Academic Calendar

Here is the Calendar of events for OLC.

  • December 11th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 12th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 13th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 14th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 15th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 18th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 19th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 20th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 21st 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 22nd 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday

Distance Learning

Before Your Distance Learning Course Begins

A Check List for Students

First, go to Is Distance Learning Right for Me? and take the quiz to see if Distance Learning is right for you.

A To Do List - Before My Distance Class Begins

You have registered for a Distance Learning Course and want to know how it will work? First, please remember that your course will be using electronic technology and will not meet on a certain day and time at a certain location. Before the course begins you will need to:

  • Contact your instructor using e-mail to let him/her know you have registered for xyz course
  • Request an copy of the course syllabus from instructor
    • The course syllabus will be sent to you through OLC's e-mail system
  • Remember - your distance learning course will begin the first week of classes and will have weekly assignments
  • Login into the course site if your course will be meeting on Moodle
    • Read and become familiar with the information located in the course site
    • Do the "Before the Course Begins" assignments
  • Purchase a copy of the course textbook
  • Read and review each of the links at the bottom of this page

A Check List for Instructors and Advisers

A Month Before Classes Begin

  • Prepare an announcement to each of your students that includes your e-mail address, biography and an initial class announcement

Two Weeks Before the Class Begins

  • A detailed course syllabus
    • Includes contact information, course goals and objectives, required textbook and course materials, grading criteria, a brief listing of project assignments, a course schedule of assignments and due dates.
  • An introduction to the course
  • A list of acceptable file types with naming conventions
  • The first week's content and activities
  • The first weeks online meetings such as synchronous meetings, Instructor and students introductions, etc.

Ref: Expectations for Classroom Setup and Online Teaching, University of Maryland University College

A Check List for College Center Staff

As College Center Staff you have advised and registered a students. Take a few extra minutes and help each student to understand how Jenzabar, TuxedoMail and Moodle works? Before the semester begins you will need to:

  • Have a list of instructors with each their contact information and give to each student
  • Advise each to student to contact their instructor using e-mail to let him/her know they have registered for xyz course as soon as they have registered for the course.
    • Remind the student to check their OLC e-mail each day. This will be crucial to their success in the course
    • Remind the student to check their assignments daily and submit their assignments through out each week. Assignments may be due several days each week.
  • Request an copy of the course syllabus from instructor
  • Advise each student that preparation BEFORE the first week of classes is very important
  • Have the student work through the list of things to do in the Student section above
  • Provide for and advertise training sessions on TuxedoMail and Moodle before the first week of classes


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Before Your Class Begins
During the Course