Bringing quality education to the Lakota People

Assessment Office

Institutional Assessment and Research Office

Oglala Lakota College (OLC) understands its educational role in providing highly qualified graduates to the tribe and communities within the interior and exterior communities of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. In achieving the mission of the College, OLC has a committed purpose to tribe in providing the Lakota with outstanding graduates, promoting the study and practice of tribal sovereignty, help student gain meaningful employment, collaborates with tribal entities to ultimately build the nation through education. As well as ensure that we are meeting the higher learning criteria for accreditation.

General Education remains the project and scope for the Oglala Lakota College Assessment Academy Team (OLC AAT). The First year goal focused on a cross tabulation of degree level and institutional learning objectives/outcomes and course learning objectives, and opportunities for assessment. The second year goal was to expand the process to all departments and degree areas.

The OLC AAT identified a primary goal that would support the Oglala Lakota College (OLC) Mission “students will exemplify Wolakolkiciyapi”.

To support this goal, 11 learning outcomes were developed they include:

  • Disposition – 1) Apply cultural values in a learning atmosphere.
  • Written and Oral Communication – 2) Communicate effectively in writing using both Lakota and English.
  • 3) Demonstrate oral communication skills in both Lakota and English.
  • Quantitative Reasoning – 4) Apply quantitative analytical skills.
  • Critical Thinking – 5) Examine concepts and theories across multiple contexts and disciplines.
  • 6) Critically review resource material,
  • 7) Develop ideas to address contemporary issues
  • 8) Critically examine sovereignty.
  • Technology – 9) Demonstrate proficiency in the use of standard computer technologies.
  • Diversity - 10) Examine the importance of diversity
  • 11) Examine the contexts of Lakota social organizations, communities and global networks.