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Assessment Office

Academic Program Reviews


An administrative review of all Instructional Division units, each department as a whole or in part, and by grant or budget activity, will be completed to determine if academic units a) meet program objectives, b) provide cost effective services, c) have sufficient resources, and d) demonstrate effectiveness within the context of supporting the mission and goals of the College and the needs of the students.

The Division will identify units for review based on the length of time since the last review, needs of the institution, and changing circumstances in the community. A program review calendar has been established, but the selection of specific departments and programs for review remains with the Vice President for Instruction. Division staff and/or consultants will request information for the review according to the above schedule, and prepare a draft report of findings. The Vice President may, as his/her prerogative, submit the report for peer review by the faculty, as selected by the Vice President, by any appropriate governance committee of the institution, or otherwise seek review the draft report externally to the College.


Program Review Calendar

Academic Program Review Form

* For departments with external accreditation, the self-study will serve as program review.
** Some content assumed by Math & Science Department; under new formation, Ag and Natural Resources provides extension community outreach education
*** Merged with Math and Science
NCATE also approves Lakota Leadership and Management with Education Administration emphasis
Lakota Leadership and Managament - no program review.