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Data Collection

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Data Collection Model




Future Steps

✔ Continue to streamline the data, Foundational Studies is a good example of using the data in the strategic plan in regards to student placement, determining ranges for student learning outcomes at the 083 and 093 level and creating a 083A and 083B to meet the needs of the student learning.

✔ Focus on data entry with continuous improvement to enhance the work and new methods, the Admissions process is another good example of collecting and entering the data needed to determine who our students are and how we can improve our services across the institution.

✔ With the powerfaids software the Financial Aid process is automated and ties the Advising module and Registration module together so we no longer have to look at each student schedule to see if they are in the course that applies to their degree.

✔ The electronic version of the Early Alerts is now in the second year.

✔ We created a list of external reports and identified key stakeholders, established the electronic filing system, and the next step is a calendar of reporting.