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Non-Academic Program Reviews

The Oglala Lakota College Board of Trustees has established in policy a regular review of all college programs. This policy, 37-000 ( , requires all units, both academic and non-academic to be reviewed to evaluate effectiveness and for planning purposes. OLC has created a five-year cycle for formal review of programs that includes an external review process. The process is straightforward, the program/department conducts a self-study using the program review form and then an external expert is contacted who conducts a site visit. The site visit report provides feedback to assure that findings in the self-study are accurate and to make suggestions for improvement.

The final results of the self-study and external review are posted in the Annual Report to OLC Constituents (ARLOCC) to assure transparency and dissemination to all OLC stakeholders. Additionally, the self-study and external review are posted on the OLC web site for access. The ultimate goal of the process is to impact the planning specific to the department and generally to the college. Findings from the process will ultimately impact the program Institutional Effectiveness Plans and College Strategic Planning.

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