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Assessment Office

OIAR Reports

Office of Institutional Assessment and Research aggregates data and information throughout the institution. The data and information then help the OIAR generate reports that are then given to BOT, staff, and the community.

Fall 2014 BOT

Retreat Agenda
HLC Action Letter
OLC 2013-2014 Annual Report BOT Retreat


2008 2009 2010
AKIS2008A_OLC22p.1 AKIS B 2009 AKIS 2010 Part B
AKIS2008A_OLC22p.2 OLC AKIS A 2009 OLC AKIS 2010
AKIS B 2008    
2011 2011(disc) 2012
5 AKIS B 2011 1 AIHEC Reporting Requirements Motion and By Laws July 2007 1-6 PEEC Pedagogy
2011 AKIS A revised 12-2011 2 AIHEC AIMS Personnel Needed for Data 2010 2-6 Water Quality
Adjuncts AY 2010-1 by degree 3 AKIS Glossary 3-6 Geology
AKIS A 2011p.3.1 6 Photo Description Sheet 4-6 Wind Energy
sheet 1.5 7 BLANK Major Sheet 5-6 Assessment
sheet 1.5 from Library 8a TCU Phelps Stokes AIHEC Survey 6-6 Summary
sheet 6.1 8b Phelps Stokes Final Abstract March 2011 AIHEC 2011-2012 AY reportdrat2 AgExtentionDept
sheet 6.2 OLC AKIS A 2010 AKIS B 2012
sheet 7.4   Guide to AIHEC AIMS 2012
    OLC AKIS A 2012

Annual Report for Oglala Lakota College’s Constituencies

2011-2012 OLC Assessment Report
2013-2014 OLC Annual Report for Constituencies
2014-2015 OLC Annual Report for Constituencies
2015-2016 OLC Annual Report for Constituencies
2016-2017 OLC Annual Report for Constituencies

Co-Curricular Reports

2013-2014 CCFramework

Dashboard Indicators

2010-2014 OLC Dashboard


2012-2013 Factbook

Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Reports

2013-2014 Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Report

Strategic Planning Indicators

Strategic Planning Indicators

Course Evaluations

Spring 2016

Graduate Employment Report

2015 Graduate Employment Report 2016 Graduate Employment Report 2017 Graduate Employment Report

Graduate Report

2015 Graduate Report

Transportation Reports

Fall 2017
Transportation Plan 2014