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Assessment Office

Reporting Process

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OLC’s reporting process included all the unit IEP’s(plan), IER’s( assessment data), General Education Student Learning outcomes, Enrollment Management, co-curricular activities, and annual reports to feed into the larger institutional report titled Annual Report to OLC’s Constituencies and the OLC Institutional Effectiveness Report.

Student learning outcome data, institutional assessments (external and internal) and enrollment management data is used in the analysis and application toward student learning and institutional improvement at OLC. The model is OLC’s comprehensive assessment process to collect, analyze and report on unit assessments, institutional assessments, co-curricular assessments and enrollment management results. All processes combined inform the institutional initiatives.

Unit reports are Due in June of each year and finalized by departments in August of each year. The institutional reports are due by October 1, 2015 of each year as drafts, presented during the OLC BOT retreat for feedback from stakeholder groups and submitted for BOT approval during the regular October meeting.