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College resources exist for the purpose of conducing legitimate business for the College. The College is bound by state and federal law to protect certain information that is transmitted using College systems, hardware, and networks.  Pursuant to these objectives, the College has a duty to actively prevent the loss of Protected Information.  One method of fulfilling this duty is Data Loss Prevention (DLP). 

What is Data Loss Prevention?

Information Technology continues to actively prevent the loss of sensitive data (such as credit card and social security numbers) when you use College systems, networks and hardware in accordance with the Privacy and Data Loss Prevention policies. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tactics deploy security controls to detect and prevent the unauthorized transmission of sensitive information. Unauthorized transmissions include:

  • Email - do not send sensitive information via email unless it is encrypted through a secure connection
  • Non-secure Websites - before you enter any sensitive information, make sure that the URL address uses https rather than http and that you trust the recipient.

What is considered protected or sensitive information?

Protected Information” -- is a single term that includes all of the following: Confidential Information, Educational Records, Employee Records, Identifying Information, Medical Record or Health Information, Personal Information, and Proprietary Data of the College.