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Academic Calendar

Here is the Calendar of events for OLC.

  • April 28th 2017
    • 9:00am: Research Symposium
  • May 1st 2017
    • 9:00am: Chairs Mtg.
  • May 5th 2017
    • Classes End
    • 10:00am: All Staff Meeting
  • May 8th 2017
    • Make Up Period
  • May 9th 2017
    • Make Up Period
  • May 10th 2017
    • Assessment Materials Due
    • Make Up Period
  • May 11th 2017
    • Assessment Day
  • May 12th 2017
    • Grades Due
    • Assessment Day
    • Faculty's Last Day
    • 10:00am: Piya Wiconi Okolakiciye Mgt.

AIHEC 2017 Exhibit Booth


The 2017 AIHEC Conference on Education will be offering exhibitor and vendor booth space. A schedule has been arranged to provide the best opportunities for public contact with conference participants and visitors. Booth space will be available at two locations, the large venue arena and the hallway venue at Ramkota Hotel & Convention Center.

Large Venue
Exhibitors representing AIHEC colleges (for informational and recruitment purposes), artisans, and craft vendors selling products will be assigned spaces at the large venue location. Plans are for individual booths to be eight feet deep by ten feet wide, with backdrop and side draping. Each booth space will be furnished with one six-foot draped table and two chairs. The exhibitor must furnish any additional equipment. Any furniture or equipment provided by the conference that is missing at the event conclusion or moved out of the booth space will be charged to the exhibitor.

Hallway Venue
Plans are for one six-foot table and one chair for each exhibitor. Table banners and small tabletop displays are appropriate, large backdrop displays cannot be accommodated.

Additional Information

  • Minimum electrical service is available at any booth spaces.
  • Booths should be staffed at all times during events.
  • Conference sponsors and facilities are not responsible for stolen or damaged items from vendors.
$400.00 Corporate/Commercial Vendor booth
$300.00 AIHEC College/non profits (Large Venue)
$200.00 Hallway

All exhibitors requesting booth space must register in advance by March 2, 2017. Space will be assigned on a first-come basis.

All exhibitors should complete the appropriate Booth Registration Application. For more information call Jonnie Clifford at (605) 455-6047.

Download Document fill out, save, and email to or Fax to (605)455-6023.

Booth Registration Form

Booth Information

Mail completed registration form and payment to:

Oglala Lakota College – AIHEC 2017
P.O. Box 490
Kyle, South Dakota 57752