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Pahin Sinte College Center

pahin sinte

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Ernest Weston Sr. Maintenance/Janitor

Vision Statement

Rebuilding our Lakota Nation through Education

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pahin Sinte College Center is to focus on the Woslolye(Knowledge), Wookahinge(Understanding), and Woksape(Wisdom), and Woonspe(Learning) so our students will have the opportunity to become Leaders of our communities and Lakota Nation.

Local Board Members

  • Ruth Weston
  • Anthony Wounded Head Sr.
  • Charles Jay Parisien
  • Velma Kills Back

Phone: (605)867-5404
Fax: (605)867-1242
P.O. Box 220
Porcupine, SD 57772

Pahin Sinte

Calendar of Events

May 2018