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Business Administration


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The undergraduate degree in Business Administration requires knowledge and awareness of the following:

  • Possess a basic knowledge of accounting, economics, finance, the legal environment of business, management, marketing, and information systems
  • Communicate effectively in a manner that is coherent, organized, concise, and grammatically correct
  • Apply basic quantitative and qualitative skills to business problems
  • Understand how ethical decision-making and globalization effect organizations on and off the reservation
  • Analyze business and economic problems utilizing general and management specific skills and knowledge
  • Promote wolakolkiciyapi among business organizations, employees, and employers across the reservation


Students will demonstrate the ability and skill to:

  • Evaluate the major functional areas of business including:
    • Ability to prepare, read, analyze and communicate financial information
    • Ability to use financial information in managerial decisions
    • Understanding of the duties of a manager: planning, organizing, directing and controlling
    • Ability to use the marketing mix to successfully perform in the environment of marketing
    • Understanding of the fundamental legal concepts and their application to the business community
    • Basic knowledge of the use of information technology in managing organizations
    • Ability to apply modern scientific and mathematical methods to management problems
    • Ability to coordinate the knowledge learned in program core course in the formulation and administration of sound business policy using case analysis and discussion
  • Determine and demonstrate well developed written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to evaluate current technology to critical and creatively solve business issues
  • Demonstrate strong analytic and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to integrate ethical decision models
  • Ability to construct both quantitative and qualitative analysis of business problems
  • Ability to write opinions based on analysis
  • Ability to formulate conclusions with evidence
  • Demonstrate a well-rounded education that enables the student to conduct themselves as responsible professionals and citizens who are aware of ethical issues and societal needs and problems

Student Learning Outcomes

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