Bringing quality education to the Lakota People

Business Administration

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate the ability and skill to:

  1. 1 Evaluate the major functional areas of business including:
    1. Ability to prepare, analyze, communicate and use economic and financial information
    2. Ability to understand the duties of a manager: planning, organizing, directing and controlling
    3. Ability to use marketing to successfully perform in the business environment
    4. Ability to coordinate the knowledge learned in program core courses in the
  2. Demonstrate well developed written and oral business communication skills
  3. Ability to utilize current technology to critically and creatively solve business issues
  4. Ability to apply ethical decision models and fundamental legal concepts to business decisions
  5. Ability to use critical thinking to construct quantitative and qualitative analysis of business problems

Option A – Management

  1. Ability to evaluate and apply the functions of Human Resource Management
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of small business by successfully completing a business plan
  3. Ability to understand organizational issues and human behavior to apply leadership styles necessary to effectively solve problems

Option B – Accounting

  1. Recommend the appropriate managerial and business issues critical to analyzing accounting data and other information used for identifying and assessing opportunities and risks, developing organizational plans, allocating resources, and accomplishing objectives
  2. Recommend relevant accounting principles and standards to specific business activities and workplace situations

Option C – Tribal Management

  1. Ability to select, apply for and manage a grant
  2. Integrate principles of management and personnel supervision in relation to tribal programs
  3. Apply behavior approach management with an emphasis on the understanding, prediction and control of human behavior in the tribal and organizational setting

Option D – Entrepreneurship

  1. Determine individual leadership techniques to best suit a small business
  2. Assemble a report in relation to the marketing research conducted for a business
  3. Construct a business plan integrating reservation issues, licensing, tribal laws and codes