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Graduate Studies

Capstone experience Community Action Project (CAP)
& School Community Action Project/Internship (SCAP) & Induction

Itokagata, the cardinal direction for South is represented by the color white. This direction is also known as the Wamakaskan Sitomni or the Animal Nation. The Animal Nation teaches us how to live and work together living in harmony with Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth). These teachings strengthen our understanding of the world and create a solid foundation in preparing the candidates for their educational journey. Candidates recognize their origins and demonstrate their appreciations (Bear Shield, et al., 2000). This is the fourth stage of the educational journey. Candidate will begin their first year putting to practice pedagogical knowledge and skills as well as working within the profession. Candidates are required to demonstrate Wacante Ognaka meaning compassion and generosity. Effective Lakota leaders demonstrate compassion and generosity through the delivery and giving of their knowledge, skills and ability to the educational and local communities.

Lakota Leadership and Management: (LAKM) Capstone experience CAP Scoring Rubric - LakM 596 Community Action Project Handbook

Lakota Leadership and Management: Education Administration (LMEA) Capstone experience SCAP Scoring Rubric - LMEA 796 School Community Action Project Handbook


Education Administration Candidates are required to complete 120 hours of principal internship over a period of two (2) consecutive semesters serving under a licensed principal at the elementary, middle, or secondary level. Candidates must meet or exceed internship requirements. Internship placement, mentor and calendar must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies and the LMEA796 Instructor prior to beginning internship. Experiences and artifacts must meet ELCC standards. See graduate handbook for internship process and assessment.

All graduate candidates are expected to meet or exceed graduate expectations upon exiting the program as defined in the Graduate Studies Handbook. All graduate students must complete a satisfaction survey. LMEA candidates within the graduate program will be provided induction services for their first year as a school leader. Induction services may include mentoring, coaching and periodic assessment. See Graduate Studies Handbook for induction procedures, requirements, and assessment. All supervisors of 1st year and 3rd year principals will be asked to participate in an employee performance survey.