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Academic Calendar

Here is the Calendar of events for OLC.

  • December 11th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 12th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 13th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 14th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 15th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 18th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 19th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 20th 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 21st 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday
  • December 22nd 2017
    • Chairs/Faculty Holiday

Humanities and Social Sciences


Department Assessment Plan
Department Assessment Schedule
Retention Plan
Department Minutes

Annual Reports

Institutional Effectiveness Plans

Institutional Effectiveness Reports

Assessment Plans

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Humanities and Social Science graduates will be able to identify, define, and solve problems. (Critical Thinking)
  • Locate and evaluate information using current technology. (Research and Writing)
  • Communicate with accuracy and clarity. (Speaking, Writing and Art)
  • Read, comprehend, retain, and apply information responsibly. (Reading and Writing)
  • Demonstrate skills for leadership and participation in Oglala culture and philosophy within the larger context of a diverse tribal and global society. (Wolakolkiciyapi)

Program Learning Outcomes

  • PLO 1--Organize information and express thoughts using various writing strategies.
  • PLO 2--Use social science perspectives to interpret, analyze, and evaluate societal and individual issues.
  • PLO 3--Design and complete small social science research projects.



Co-Curricular Activities

  • Students reinforce and enhance their degree-related knowledge and skills through department sponsored clubs, mentoring, field-based projects, and other activities conducted outside of the classroom.
  • Students enhance their learning experiences gained in the classroom and their co-curricular participation by completing self-reflective activities such as course journals and blogging.
Things we have done in the past: Things we plan to do this year:
  • Book club
  • Literary Magazine
  • Speakers—Linda Hogan
  • AIHEC Speech competition
  • AIHEC Writing competition
  • Social research institute web site and symposium
  • On-line gallery of student and faculty work
  • Writing Group
  • Talent Night
  • Poetry Slam
  • Danger Week