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A Resource Inventory of Selected Sites Adjacent to the White Clay Fruit in Southwest South Dakota
Preliminary Test Program for Friction Stir Processed Aluminum Stiffeners applicable to the Navy Littoral Combat Ship


Comparing Home Range and Utilized Distribution Patterns of Ornate Box Turtles in South Dakota
Hibernation of Ornate Box Turtles near their Northern Range Limit Pine Ridge Reservation
Comparing Methods of Extracting Essential Oils of Bitter Gourd Melon & Wild Cucumber
Indoor Air Quality Policy, Regulation & Test Procedures
Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDar) to Monitor Bank Erosion along Big Bend on the Missouri River (Mnisosa Wakpa)


XRF analysis of the Harrison Formation
Water Quality Using Aquatic Macroinvertebrates
Natural Zeolites from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for the Separation of Linalool and other Biofuel Chemicals produced from Cyanobacteria Photosynthesis
Flow duration curve analysis of three streams in Southwestern South Dakota
Movement and Hibernation Site Fidelity of the Ornate Box Turtle on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota
U-V Visible relationship of Absorbance vs Extract Concentration from Echinocystis Lobata
Mineralogical Characterization of the Yellow Mounds Paleosol and Chamberlain Pass Formation in Northeastern Sioux and Northwestern Dawes Counties, Nebraska
Delineation of 100-Year Flood Plain for Thunder Balley Community Development Corporation Pine Ridge Reservation


An Evaluation for the Feasibility of Utilizing a WiMax System to Provide Internet Service on the Pine Ridge Reservation
Evaluating Water Quality on the Bear in The Lodge and Pass Creek Watersheds
A Comprehensive Model for Predicting Habitat of the Ornate Box Turtle on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, S.D.
Determination of Nutrient Limitation in Pine Ridge Reservation Streams
Engineering A Sustainable Way to Access Fresh Produce
Evaluating Cattle Interogression on the Pine Ridge Reservation


The Effects of Mobile Polarity Composition on Asarone in HPLC Chomatography


Identifying Additional Land Suitable for Food Production on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
Humidity as the Env. Control Factor for Successful Mycorrhizal Growth