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Program Learning Outcomes

  • Apply knowledge of the nursing process and critical thinking as a framework for clinical decision making.
    Lakota Value: Woksape - Wisdom
  • Demonstrate cultural compentency and caring behaviors for the purpose of providing culturally appropriate nursing care to diverse populations.
    Lakota Value: Wowahola - Respect, Wacatognaka - Generosity
  • Incorporate professional/legal, ethical accountability into practice, embracing teh values of the profession and assuming the various nursing roles of life-long learner, teacher, client advocate, leader/manager, and care provider.
    Lakota Values: Wookhikita - Courage, Wacantognake - Generosity
  • Utilize evidence - based practice and technology to provide safe, competent, holistic nursing care to clients across the life span.
    Lakota Value: Woksape - Wisdom
  • Communicate and collaborate with client, family, healthcare and interdisciplinary teams to provide holistic health care and promotion/disease prevention.
    Lakota Value: Wowahola - Respect



Co-Curricular Activies

Mandatory Nursing Student Orientation

  • Students will complete check-in process and be made aware of immunizations, physical and/or other admission deficiencies.
  • Students will complete mandatory drug testing for admission to nursing program.
  • Students will be introduced to Lakota Culture and Values
  • Students will have understanding of major points in the Nursing Student Handbook regarding the drug policy, progression and dismissal, chain-of-command for grievances, attendance, clinical dress code, lodging for clinicals, and personal conduct.
  • Students will receive information regarding process for applying for scholarships.
  • Students will receive information regarding OLC email usage and library cards.

Nursing Student Organization

  • Students will participate in a collaborative, democratic, self-governing process, encouraging participation by all involved.
  • Adequate funds will be raised to fund the nursing pin, pinning ceremony and expense of the NCLEX testing.
  • Nursing students organization representative(s) will attend nursing faculty meeting at least one to two times per academic year.
  • Appointed Nursing Student organization representative will keep regular meeting minutes.

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