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OLC Social Work Alumni Spotlight

Lacey Thompson is a tribal citizen of the Oglala Lakota Sioux. She graduated with her BSW from Oglala Lakota College in South Dakota in 2015 as Student of the Year. Lacey is a second-year Advanced Standing MSW student and a Kathryn M. Buder Scholar at Washington University in St. Louis, George Warren Brown School of Social Work. Her concentration is Mental Health specializing in Policy. She is passionate about empowering the Native Nation through education and plans to work with Native American Youth and Adolescents upon graduation.

“I am so thankful to have received my BSW from OLC’s Social Work program. With being accepted into the Brown School came a high level of pressure to uphold a certain standard of academic success as a Buder Scholar. Fortunately, I soon discovered that my academic and Social Work competencies were above average. I proudly credit OLC and their Social Work program for providing me with such an amazing educational foundation. My initial understanding of the terminology as well as academics here at Brown, were more than that of fellow advanced standing students who also have their BSW. Homework assignments were also very similar to what I had experienced at OLC, this would also prove to be of great value. Having faith in my BSW educational foundation provided me with a tremendous amount of confidence during my time here at Brown. I was once told that OLC taught their BSW at a master’s level, I never understood what that meant until now, and for that I am forever grateful. Throughout my experience here at Brown I always mention the support OLC curricula and faculty gave me, but the best part is, post-graduation, that support and resource has continued. To OLC students, especially BSW students/graduates who are thinking about pursuing their MSW, I believe you have had the best foundation possible to do so, and to any BSW thinking about attending the Brown School, I have faith you will excel profoundly here.”

“Wopila, to OLC and the BSW program”

2015-2016 Social Work Graduates are:

Kyla Woodard BSW
Wambli Bear Runner BSW
Chelsea Lolley BSW
Nicolette Weston BSW
Nadine Morrison BSW
Patty Maher BSW

The following students have been accepted into graduate school to pursue their Master's of Social Work Degrees::

Lacey Thompson 2015 OLC BSW
Jeremy Vu 2015 OLC BSW
Dawn Arkinson 2016 OLC BSW