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Small House
Minimum Bid $25,789
Shed 1
Minimum Bid $4,179
Shed 2
Minimum Bid $5,128

Request for Bids

Oglala Lakota College is accepting bids on two sheds and one small home built by OLC carpentry classes.

Shed #1 is 12x12 with a 4 foot porch along with a door, window, insulation indside the sheeted walls and electrical outlets.

Shed #2 is 12x16 with a door, a window, and insulation inside the sheeted walls, and electrical outlets.

The small house is 16x60 with one bedroom, one bathroom, an area for a stacked washer and dryer, kitchen area, living room, and with 2 entry ways and 2 windows.

The highest bid received will be accepted for each unit, but the minimum bid must be submitted if no other bids are received for each of the two sheds and small house. The minimum bids are Shed 1 - 4,179, Shed 2 - 5,128, and small house - 25,789.

Pictures on units can be found at the Vocational Catalog webpage. You can also visit OLC's construction yard to look at the sheds and small house

Sealed bids must identify the shed or home that you are bidding on along with the bid amount and must be addressed to: Anthony Wounded Head, Finance Chairman, Oglala Lakota College, PO Box 490, Kyle, SD 57752. Bids will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. (MST) on Thursday, September 20, 2018, and read aloud and referred by the Finance Committee to the full board at the September meeting. Bids will only be accepted from Oglala Sioux Tribal members. If no bids are received by OST tribal members, the sheds and small house will be next bid out that includes bids from non-Indian tribal members and non-Indians.