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Jump Start Program

What is South Dakota Jump Start?

South Dakota Jump Start is a federally funded First in the World program designed to help students succeed in college by providing them a financial and academic Jump Start. Jump Start Advisors will help students navigate the important first years of college. By identifying and addressing obstacles students face when considering college, advisors provide help and support that makes entering and succeeding in college possible.

How Do I Start?

To get a Jump Start on your education and your life, talk with a Jump Start Advisor when one visits your high school. Your counselor or principal can set this up for you. You also can contact a Jump Start Advisor to set up a personal visit with you and your family.

College – where do I start?

Seven public universities in South Dakota, including one of the tribal colleges, are participants in the program. (See list on back.) That means you can attend a college that will fit you, your career ambitions and your life dreams.

South Dakota Jump Start has a team of Jump Start Advisors who will come to your community, to your school or even to your home. They will sit down with you and your family and discuss how your college dreams and goals can become reality.

They will help figure out what college has to offer and which college might be right for you. Then they’ll help set up a campus visit for you and your family. They’ll help you fill out financial aid paperwork so you have money to use for college. They’ll take a look at your high school classes and your grades to make sure you have the preparation you need to start college. And they’ll make sure you get signed up for the ACT test.

In other words, they’ll give you a Jump Start to get on the path to college and they’ll be there to offer help and support on the journey.

Am I ready for college?

A Jump Start Advisor will help you figure out what you can do while you’re still in high school to make sure you’re ready for college. The results of the ACT test will highlight your strengths, as well as any weaknesses. A Summer Bridge program before your first semester of college will provide an in-depth orientation to OLC and your first General Education class.

You’ll know and be working with your Jump Start Advisor, who will assure you can successfully navigate everything from registering for classes to talking with faculty to deciding on a major to accessing other campus services like free tutoring, study groups and academic advising.

How will I pay for college?

South Dakota Jump Start helps make college affordable through a combination of financial aid, scholarships, and money to help pay for textbooks and a laptop computer.

Throughout the program, Jump Start Advisors will work with you, your family, school counselors and others to make sure everyone is confident that the necessary financial resources will be available.

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