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By Paul Zimiga, Computer Specialist
Webdesigner for Webfolder Class Materials Only
email: Paul Zimiga

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[dir] lferguson [83 Files] 191.8 MB2014-Jun-13 
[dir] pdf_book [0 Files] 0.0  B2011-Dec-16 
[dir] spam [1 File] 935.6 KB2014-Apr-08 
[dir] webgallery [1 File] 125.7 KB2013-Sep-30 
[dir] Windows PCL6_64bit_MX-m310 [1 File] 14.1 MB2015-Jan-22 
[iso] cd080802.iso1263.5 MB2010-Dec-03 
[jpg] DSC00382.JPG1682.2 MB2013-Oct-23 
[jpg] DSC00474.JPG972.4 MB2014-Jun-13 
[exe] mbam-setup- MB2015-Jan-14 
[exe] ReferenceWeb_4.1_Setup.exe121.0 MB2015-Apr-20 
[zip] SolarWinds-IPAM-v4.1.0-Eval-p911.zip96522.4 MB2014-Mar-06 
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